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Wood smoke has been used to preserve and add flavour to meat, fish, shellfish and even whiskey for thousands of years. We use a combination of natural charcoal and hardwoods such as oak, cherry or apple which adds a delicate smoky flavour.

The locally produced meats are cooked low ‘n’ slow for maximum flavour and tender moist juiciness.

We don’t bother with “secret” recipes or spice mixes. We just buy quality local meats and treat them with the care and respect they deserve so that they can be served at their very best.

Typically our meats are smoked at low temperatures (between 110 and 130 degrees centigrade) in wood smoke for 10 or 12 hours, after cooking the meat needs to rest for at least one hour before serving. Resting meat is just as important as cooking it properly and we make sure that our meat is well and truly rested before it’s served. Meat which is not properly rested can be dry and ‘lifeless’